True or False? Cyber Insurance is only for technology, software or IT companies.



Cyber threats are a threat to any business, regardless of the size and industry.

In fact, increasingly SMEs are being targeted.

But the FSB found that 66% of SMEs don’t consider their business to be vulnerable to cyber threats.

If you use online systems or software, you could be at risk of being targeted by cyber-criminals.

Do you:

Hold sensitive customer details, including names, addresses and banking details
Have a website
Use emails
Rely on computer systems to conduct business
Use payment card industry (PCI) merchant services

Then, you could be at risk of a data breach, or your services being hacked and held for ransom.

The best way to protect your business is with Cyber Insurance:

What could a Cyber Insurance policy cover?

Compensation for loss of income
Reinstatement of data
Claims for damages made against the business
Costs associated with regulatory or forensic investigations
Reimbursement for the costs of repair, restoration or replacement
Defence costs and damage awards if you mistakenly infringe someone’s copyright
Notifying customers or regulators
Civil Penalties levied by regulators

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