Independent Insurance Brokers based in Yorkshire

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Independent Insurance Brokers based in Yorkshire

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Working with Eastwood Insurance Brokers

The process of finding you the best commercial insurance cover begins with gaining a deep understanding of the company we’re working with, and reviewing the suitability of your existing cover, before exploring a range of options with a wide pool of providers. Remember, we’re not tied to or affiliated with anyone in particular, so we can offer you the best and fairest business insurance deals with complete impartiality.

Transparency and honesty

We’ll also offer you the benefit of thirty years in the industry, treating you with total transparency and honesty (often, the cheapest cover is far from the best, and we won’t shy away from difficult conversations when it comes to telling you what’s best for your business).

Personal service and
friendly support

Whether your company is large or small, family run or multi-national, we offer the same personal service and friendly support. We’re also committed to finding you business insurance that allows you to grow and change, as well as working in the here and now.
Think of us not just as an insurance broker, but an integral part of your management team. Not only will we handle arranging or renewing your cover, we’ll take care of any claims that need to be made, tackling complex situations quickly, and decisively, so that settlement is never unduly delayed.

5 basic steps to choosing the right insurance policy...


Identify your
risk and


Present your
risk to the
insurance market


Analyse and
compare insurance


Understand the
terms and conditions
of the policies we recommend to you


Give advice
and provide our recommendations

An insurance brokerage
trusted nation wide

With a trusted position in both the local and national insurance market, enjoying a great relationship with a wide range of insurers, we excel at technical accuracy, speedy response, and efficient service, ensuring that you receive the highest possible settlement on any claims.